Training, education and certification of welders and operators
Visual welding inspector courses
Welding technology training courses

Welders training and certification

Smartweld Center offers training and coaching of welders to obtain welder qualifications according to EN ISO 9606 series, ASME IX, EN ISO 17660 series (reinforcing steel), for various industries:

  • Construction
  • Piping and petrochemicals
  • Railroad
  • Food and pharmaceuticals
  • Offshore

Our welding instructors provide you with a high level of guidance and supervision to improve the welders’ skills (Max. 10 welders per instructor).

The welding school is equipped with the most modern GTAW, GMAW and SMAW equipment for welding and brazing for steel- , stainless steel-, aluminum-, nickel-, copper alloys, and much more!

Smartweld Center has an in-house testing lab for macroscopic examination, a full range of non-destructive testing including digital radiography for rapid X-ray examination, as well as instant results during training or certification.

Qualification & certification of welders and operators
Smartweld Center has the ability to qualify and certify welders and operators under the supervision of a Notified Body (accredited to ISO/IEC 17020). The certificates are also valid for welding pressure vessel equipment according to the PED 2014/68/EU regulation.

Operators for semi- and fully automatic welding machines and robots
Smartweld Center offers training and coaching, customized to individual customer needs, for welding operators and robot programmers to achieve qualification according to EN ISO 14555 ( stud welding), EN ISO 14731 and ASME IX. High level welding robot programming courses are divided into 2 sections:

Section 1: Training program for robot language
Section 2: Practical training for welding parameters.

Visual weld inspection training

Visual inspection of welded joints is the most evident method within the field of non-destructive testing. It is the simplest and most natural method to examine if the welded joint complies with the applicable standards. The examination must be carried out by qualified personnel who are able to inspect according to the applicable standard(s), have the necessary skills and can draw up reports.
Visual inspections can be carried out at 3 phases during the welding process: before, during and after welding, each time with the necessary emphasis. The five-day Visual Welding Inspector training course provides insight into all aspects of visually assessing welds and meets all the final requirements of the ISO 9712 standard.

Theory + Practice
Training consists of 5 days of training ( 1 day per week) that consist of both theoretical and practical lessons

The theoretical welds are taught by experienced welding engineers who are also VT level 2 certified. The practical classes are given by experienced VT level 2 welding inspectors who will teach you tips and tricks of the job.

DNV-GL Certification B.V. issues the certificate ISO 9712 Visual Welding Inspector VT-w level 2 upon passing the exam and fulfilling the requirements. The DNV certificate is accredited by the Council of Accreditation in accordance with ISO 17024. After the last day of the course there is an immediate opportunity to take the ISO 9712 VTw-2 exam.

Verification of certified welders

Manufacturers sometimes need the help of external, certified welders with certificates. We can double check the skills of your external welders through a simple welding test (with immediate RT or UT verification) according to their certificate(s) before welding begins in your production. This way of working guarantees that the quality of the external welders is sufficient and avoids further problems in your production.

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